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Your love is heaven on earth.. I shout it out

As I continued throughout my day today, I was convinced that life was playing a joke on me. Not only did I pay a hundred dollars last night for a mistake I made with the airlines, my car was dead and out of oil and my website was suspended for no apparent reason. I could have gotten mad, but I had to find the humor in this. And I did.

I am so thankful for a new year and a new start.. it feels great to shed of the mistakes from yesterday and all the weight I carried throughout 2005.. I refuse to let it follow me into 2006.

I miss my friends desperately. I crave real relationships with face-to-face contact. I feel like I have the right to cry about it, but I have no energy and it seems a bit immature. I've been here nearly five months and missing particular people hasn't gotten easier at all.
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